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Oracle Database 10g Installation Guide for Windows 7 x64

The ODBC driver name of ServerName/ServiceName is your Oracle database name, in uppercase and separated from the server name by a backslash. For example, if the Oracle database name is "SampleDB", the ODBC driver name is "SampleDB".

oracle database 10g download for windows 7 64-bit

Data Source = "jdbc:oracle:thin:@[ServerName]/[ServiceName]" To find the connection string value, select Advanced in the ODBC Driver Configuration wizard to open the ODBC Properties page. Under the DATABASE section, double-click ODBC Connection > Driver to open the ODBC Settings page. From the ODBC Driver column, select the ODBC Driver for Oracle that you have downloaded.

Click Next and select the sub-section "Select a Destination Directory" and do not change default Oracle Database Setup directory in windows. When your ready to install the client, click Install.

Again open the start-up menu for control panel and select administrative tools. For Oracle Database click start->programs->Oracle Universal Installer >start->all programs->Oracle Universal Installer->options

To see if the Oracle 9i Client has started click to the tab called status. Select Install on demand in this tab. Then install the client as described before. You must enter a password for the Oracle Database.


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